Movies? Paige started producing, distributing and licensing films in 2014. We make our own movies and videos, we distrute them and we manage films rights worldwide. We already made deals with IFD (Hong Kong) and Echelon studios (USA)

We release our movies and videos through our channels and via our physical store. Our DVD are available at our online store too.



We produce our movies and videos.

Few examples of our productions:

-Genoma Cannibale (Short movie)

completed and released

-Gaiden (Web)

in production

-Ninja Zombie Slayer (webseries/movie)

in production



We manage film rights and release films through Paige Home Video.

Few examples of our releases:

Ninja Dragon

cult ninja movie directed by Godfrey Ho

Ninja The Protector

cult ninja movie directed by Godfrey Ho

The Ninja Squad

cult ninja movie directed by Godfrey Ho

Other licensed movies:

A virgin among the living dead

cult horror classic directed by Jesus Franco

Horror of the blood monsters

Cult sci-fi/horror movie directed by Al Adamson

The return of the kung-fu dragon

Old-school martial art move COMING SOON

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