Paige è un’azienda operativa dal 2008. Siamo attivi com eprovider di servizi tecnologici alle aziende. Produciamo contenuti di alta qualità per il web e i social.

Paige is media company based in Italy. We are active worldwide as record company, film/video producer and distributor. We worked and made deals with relevant companies all over the world.

Paige is active as record company since 2009. We release and distribute our music through the best digital download sites and streaming services. We also release our music in physical format like CDs, vinyls and tapes. We are specialized in niches and we own a large catalog of music.

Paige started to produce, distribute and licensing films in 2014. We make our ouw movies and videos, we distribute them and we manage films rights worldwide. We already made deals with IFD (Hong Kong) and Echelon studios (USA) and Believe (France / Italy).